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Worship Leading
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The Passion and Preparation of a Worship Leader

Jonathan Douglass and Taya Smith

00:48:19 · Worship Leading

God is looking for our availability more than our ability.

JD and Taya

Worship Leading

JD shares his background and how he came to be a part of Hillsong United. 

  1. God is looking for our availability more than our ability

    1. My biggest struggle in my journey has been confidence. 

    2. 1 Cor 10:12-13

    3. Get God Confidence

    4. Isaiah 40:12-18

  1. Passion

    1. Taya had to write a bio for church, and that confronted her dream that she would be able to lead people into worship. 

    2. Song of Songs - These maids are asking why she cares so deeply for the king. 

    3. Passion is a strong and barely uncontrollable emotion - the suffering and death of Jesus Christ (the definition of passion.)

    4. Our worship that people see should be the tip of the iceberg.

    5. If your passion is waning you need a fresh revelation of Jesus. 

  2. Ask for a passion to read the bible

    1. You can ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation about the word. 

  3. What fuels your passion and what doesn’t

    1. Godly friendships fuel my passion

    2. Comparison will hurt your passion 

    3. We need a revelation of who we are so we can let go of it.

    4. When you stand before Jesus and give an account of your life you aren’t going to caught up in what other people would think. 

    5. Our confirmation and affirmation doesn’t come from man but from God. 

  4. We prepare every moment we are not on the platform

    1. We aren’t supposed to try to be like anyone else. He has called you to lead the way that’s YOU.

  5. Scripture to encourage you - Everything is a response before trying to get a response

    1. Romans 3:27-28 -