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The Power of Simplicity In Songwriting

Katie Torwalt and Bryan Torwalt

0:32:33 · Songwriting

Bryan and Katie share about the power of simplicity and simple words in song writing and worship leading


  • Bryan and Katie share their journey with leading and writing worship songs together after getting married. 
  • Katie talks about not getting hung up on writing the same things as everyone else. As long as you’re writing about what the Lord is doing or wanting to do, with honesty and heart, it will impact people. 
  • Singing a song without a spontaneous moment is still enough of a platform to teach about who God is and make way for Him to do miracles in whatever congregation you’re leading in. 
  • Katie recommends a podcast by Bethel Church called “The Year of Breakthrough”, as well as the song called “Seasons” from Hillsong as a couple of her current favorites. 
  • Even if you don’t have the platform in your church as a “teacher” or “pastor”, you’re still teaching people about Jesus through your songs. 

Writing From Honesty

  • Don’t forsake the simplicity of lyrics or a song. If it’s real and authentic to you, it will translate in a powerful way. 
  • It’s important to have discipline for both writing in general, but also writing honestly from experience of what the Lord’s doing in your life. 
  • Katie insists that a song should be able to be stripped down to it’s rawest form and still sound true and honest to it’s core. Is your song able to stand on it’s own without all the bells and whistles of production or the Sunday Morning sound team? 
  • Not every song is meant to be corporate. 
  • “We were raised in this culture of spontaneous and prophetic worship, but never considered how powerful a song is that is prophetic in nature, but not necessarily spontaneous.”
  • They share how they’ve sometimes had to wait a very long time to use a melody they’ve written just because they hadn’t yet found lyrics that properly communicated what they felt was justice to the song. 
  • Don’t be afraid of using very specific words in your song writing, because Holy Spirit may intentionally want to use your song for someone else’s break through. 

Some Song History 

  • Bryan and Katie share the story behind writing “I See Heaven”. 
  • Katie shares about the power of prophesying over situations through song as well as the story behind the song “God With Us.” 
  • “Steward what He gave you. Go back to the voice recordings and the notes, even if it’s 5 minutes old or 10 years old. It still carries it’s value and remains prophetic and nature.”
  • Write songs about where you want to see the church in, 5 or 10 years from now. But also write songs that feel relevant to current season you’re in or even for the future that hasn't happened yet. 
  • Be ready in and out of season in your songwriting. 
  • Bryan and Katie share the inspiration behind their song “When You Walk Into The Room”.