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The Reformer With A Pen

Kristene DiMarco

0:31:32 · Songwriting

Kristene teaches some practical points on writing from authenticity and always looking towards hope

Knowing Your Lane

  • Kristene shares how annually, each year, over a million songs are produced, which doesn’t include the songs that are written but not produced. 
  • “It’s so vital, in the time we’re in, to know who you are and know which battles God has called you to fight.” 
  • It’s important to know what are your battles and what are your distractions. Kristene shares some of the assignments God’s given her, to help give students an example and a starting point. She also puts emphasis on how she’s taken time to ask the Lord what He thinks and says about what He’s called her to, rather than always telling God what she wants. 
  • “So the songs that I write, I am trying to come from a place of who God’s called me to because that’s where my authority lies.” If you’re trying to be someone else, it makes it hard for the Lord to annoint you cause you’re not fully present and being yourself. 
  • Kristene uses Heidi Baker as an example, a woman who glows and reflects Jesus so well, all because she’s authentically herself. 
  • “When I am 100% who I’m called to be and operating as who I’m supposed to be, that’s when I reflect Jesus most.”

Recognizing What’s Bothering You

  • Kristene encourages students to be vulnerable with the Lord and talk to Him about the things that are bothering and upsetting them.
  • “Am I strong enough to change culture and not escape it?” She shares a song that she’s written from this question? 
  • It’s good to recognize the things that make you angry and upset, and then sit with them and Holy Spirit and ask God for the proper language and solution. 
  • The job of a songwriter is to talk about a problem, but forget to close a song without drawing the problem to a solution or at least hope for a solution. 
  • “Allow things to provoke you to write and be slow to speak.”

Developing Language to Bring Truth & Justice

  • “Have you ever been told a well-meaning lie?” She uses the example of someone carrying the identity of being shy, or someone who may have been told that they’re not very bright, but they’re pretty.”
    When writing a song about being shy, you take the lie and you flip it. When writing a song, ask yourself what it is you’re wanting to overcome. 
  • It’s important to have language for the change you’re wanting to see. 
  • It’s foolish for us to think we know what the future holds. Having a plan is good, but thinking you know what’s gonna happen in the future is just not true. It’s not in our ability, because we’re not meant to know. 
  • The justice of the world is a tangled mess, but God’s justice is not. It’s not complicated, yet it’s beyond human comprehension.