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The Sound of The Land and The Song Inside You

Dan McCollam

00:33:29 · Songwriting

The new sound does not start on earth - it starts in heaven. He needs to find somebody who can hear it.

Dano McCollum

The Song of the Land and the Song Inside You

  1. What if you could be the one who writes the song that starts a revival?

  2. Is 42

  3. You need the new song - it is what God is getting ready to do in the Earth.

  4. The new sound does not start on earth - it starts in heaven. He needs to find somebody who can hear it.

  5. Skillful - it’s about how you hear. The skill to reproduce a sound that you’ve heard in the spirit. 

  6. Tabernacle of David.

  7. Station yourself on the ramparts. Look for the new song and release it.

  8. The song starts in heaven. 

B. What is God saying over you, your city, your region.

  1. We all have different musical metrons. We all have different spheres of influence.

  2. Know your musical metron. What is the area of my inheritance - greatest authority, favour and influence.   

  3. It can be commanded. 

  4. Revealed by observation.  

  5. Or pull on your past to create your future. Like King David did.

  6. Our sound is related to our assignment. You have been assigned a certain people and you are going to hear what the Lord is saying over them. Your song will release over them what God wants to do. Heaven is waiting on you.

  7. Write down the revelation so that the runners can run with it. 

  8. There is a timing related to what you receive in the spirit.

C. Revelation - The song of Jesus

  1. Global or Universal revelation. 

  2. Local songs.

  3. We need both to complete the revelation of Jesus. Don’t despise your circle of influence. 

  4. Your sphere of influence increases when you show yourself faithful in the small things.

  5. It will always be local, not just global.

  6. You have a place of authority in Christ. 

  7. If you copy anyone else’s sound, you forfeit your own authority.

  8. Hebrew word for “New” - new and fresh, to repair or to restore, to renew or to make new.

  9. Originality is about authenticity. 

  10. Influence + innovation. Pull up on what is old, and then innovate with it.

  11. The sound of the land is the sound within you if you have authority in the land. Your sound is your influences and your own innovations.

  12. What makes it new? This is what God is saying right now.

D. There are metrons in music that have nothing to do with church.

  1. Songwriters will shape culture, not law-makers.

  2. Dano shares a story of visiting a prison in Romania.

  3. Dano shares an encounter and exhorts the church to write love-songs.

  4. Your metron might not be for the church. A love song won’t necessarily have the name of Jesus in it, but God will heal marriages through it if you have authority in it.

  5. If you try to make a sound outside of your sphere of influence you will have inspiration but not transformation.

  6. You are the connection.

E. If you value the global song over the local song you’ll connect with heaven, but you wont release heaven in your city. 

  1. The new song sounds different in different places. It has a different lyric in different locations. E.g. The mountain sound is totally different than the island sound.

  2. Ukelele - the tiniest guitar played by the biggest people in the world. It’s an Island instrument. It imitates the sound of water. The instruments of a land replicate the sounds of their land.

  3. The sound of creation is recreated in instruments.

  4. When you learn to recreate what you have heard - you have become skillful.

  5. Hear it in the spirit and then recreate it.

  6. Innovate a sound that will affect culture for the next 50 years. 

  7. How do we fuse the sounds of our city?

  8. The divine nature of heaven resides in us - you were made in the image of God. You can’t help but be creative. He is the Creator. Get out there and create!

  9. Be faithful in your sphere of influence first - do not despise the small beginnings.

Watch for your sphere - your metron. Be faithful to translate heavenly realities into earthly sound.