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Heart of Worship
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The Speaking God

Darlene Zschech

0:47:17 · Heart of Worship

“God not only desires for us to fellowship with Him, but He desires to fellowship with us.”

God Wants To Speak With You

  • Don’t ever let anyone devalue where you’re at, because the Lord has placed you there on purpose. 
  • Church, listen for God’s voice in everything that you do, because He is the one who’s gonna keep you on track. 
  • Proverbs 3 - The MSG 
  • “We’re created as listening people and created with the ability to hear His voice”. 
  • God not only desires for us to fellowship with Him, but He desires to fellowship with us. 
  • He desires to speak with us and build with us, from the inside out.

Knowing His Voice 

  • “Why, at times, do we still behave as though God is not a speaking or a listening God?” 
  • We so often hear other people’s opinions and experiences with hearing God’s voice, but it’s important that we create our own history with hearing God’s voice. 
  • People basing their worth and purpose on what other people think or say rather than what the bible directly says, is like playing a game of “telephone/Chinese whispers”. It gets twisted and true information ends up getting lost. 
  • Living your Christian/Leadership life based off of how other Christians live their life, is not true revelation. It’s a secondhand experience. 
  • “This is where we find ourselves losing our confidence, our hope and our originality. We lose our identity and tenacity in faith because we’re standing on this sinking ground of Christian Chinese whispers.”
  • Are you able to decipher God’s voice is both chaotic times and peaceful times? 

Obeying The Voice Of God  

  • 1 Kings 18 - The MSG 
  • “God loves every prayer, desperate or not, He takes it”. 
  • Darlene talks about Elijah’s confidence in hearing God’s voice and how he hears the voice of God, obeys it and follows it. 
  • What do you do when the voice of fear becomes louder than the voice of God? 
  • Sometimes it’s easy for us to wish to go back to the “easier times”, before you had stepped out in risk and bravery. But the Lord has called us to live a life of bravery and risk. 
  • What do you do when something doesn’t seem fair? Do you shrink back and shy away? Do you step down? Darlene shares about how Elijah cried out to God, in his disappointed and how the Lord told Elijah to go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of God. 
  • There’s nothing like the miracle of the presence of God. When the Lord was speaking to Elijah, He wasn’t being timid and soft, He was commanding Elijah to stand up and keep going. It wasn’t until after the earthquake and fire, that Elijah heard the gentle whisper of the Lord. 
  • Disappointment is not a sin, it’s called being human.
  • The Lord doesn’t ask us to move forward for the sake of moving forward, it’s because He has great plans for us and is constantly doing a new thing. 
  • The Lord can speak to us in whatever way He chooses, He used three donkeys. But He enjoys holding us close and speaking in gentle whispers. 
  • Darlene shares her time battling against cancer, and encourages us to never doubt what God’s taught you in the light when you’re walking in the dark.

Listening for His Whisper

  • “Please don’t box God in what He’s done in the past. It’s okay to honor and to recognize the beauty of what He’s done in the past, but don’t put Him in a box.” 
  • “God is a God of new days and new beginnings. We should honor the God of the past, present and future. Don’t honor the past more than the future.” 
  • God honors the promise He’s made of renewing your life. 
  • His goal was to never make us replicas of something that’s already been created. We are originally created by a very original God.
  • The presence of God is far bigger than any lie, any fear or any of the bells and whistles that may be making noise in your life. 
  • Our role in our relationship with the Lord, is to be a people who love His word and have diligence for His word. You can’t be a Christian and have no diligence or honor for His word. 
  • Wait and listen for the whisper of God. Have faith that He’s not finished, even when things seem hopeless. 
  • “The voice of God is never inconsistent with the word of God.”
  • “He’s revealed his deep heart of love and upmost mystery through His Holy Spirit.”
  • “Please don’t try to live your Christian life without the word of God, or the power and person of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Living a Christian life looks like continuously digging our well of worship, deeper and deeper in God. 
  • We don’t call a sacrifice of praise easy. Sacrifice is not easy, but it digs our well of worship deeper. A well that never quenches or thirsts. 
  • King David chose to use the word “will”, because he was constantly choosing to praise. 
  • In the time of making space for Him, you begin to learn His voice more and more, so that when chaos or storms appear, you’ll distinctly recognize His voice.
  • Habakkuk 2 - The MSG