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The Waiting

Kristene DiMarco


Kristene DiMarco shares the history behind her song “In The Waiting”. She encourages us to trust God in times of waiting, submit to Him, and just give Him our “yes”. 

Take Courage 

  • “I wrote a song called ‘Take Courage’. I remember standing on the stage leading worship and hearing the words ‘Courage dear heart.’ So i started singing my own version of it, and the phrase ‘He’s in the waiting’ spills out of my mouth. 
  • “Every person finds themselves in this position, where they find themselves between point A and point B. We need strategy for what do we do here, and What my job is in the in between. What actually makes me successful before I actually see the dreams of my heart come to pass?”
  • “When these words fell out of my mouth in this worship set, it had been building in my heart for the past 10 years of my life. It was one of those songs that needed a perspective that was pulled from the beginning, middle and end of a process. I believe you’ll never be out of a process.”
  • Kristene had a dream that started this process when she lived in San Francisco. In the dream her doorbell rings. She goes downstairs and there is a grand piano on the street, and the a delivery man says to her, “I have a delivery for Kristene.” She looked at the staircase and said “That’s not going to fit in my house.” She then heard the Lord say “This isn’t going away, this is your call, so you need a bigger house.” 
  • I knew when He said that, it meant I needed a bigger thinking. God thinks I’m a grand piano, but I think I’m a Casio Piano. 

Trust in the Waiting

  • “The first thing we have to learn between point A and B is trust. We must empty out all those things that challenge what God said. Anything in my head that didn’t line up with what God said, I had to get rid of.”
  • “When God spoke over my life it was outside of what I thought was manageable, and that is the most beautiful part about the waiting, because it gets us to be able to manage the call of God.”
  • “The enemy is a bully who likes to tear us down through lies, and aims directly at our weak spots. He aims at our emotions, our thoughts of ourselves, or our thoughts of God. Because if he can get us to believe lies there, he can keep us weak and soft.”
  • “I call waiting heaven’s gym. It is where strength, courage, and bravery is built, and fear and doubt is drained out of you so you can stand.”
  • Just like muscle memory can be built up, we can build muscle memory to ignore fear and doubt.
  • “By learning to submit my mind to the Lord I become stronger than I ever imagined.”
  • James 4:7 “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
  • “When you submit to God you are trusting God. I am trusting that He cares more about my dreams than I do. If we don’t submit to God we end up resisting the devil and no one can survive if we are constantly resisting the devil.”
  • The definition of trust: Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and surety of a person or thing.
  • “Trust is confidence. God wants to show us that He’s powerful and trustworthy.”
  • “Trust is built in the in between, in the mystery. It isn’t something that we find when the promise is given at point A, and it isn’t built when the promise is conceived in our hearts. It isn’t something we can build in the fulfillment of the dream, it is something that can only be built when we are half blind. In the waiting, in between and mystery, we need to learn to trust.”

The Grand Piano

  • She was a part of The Call with Lou Engle in Washington DC. They would sit in on Supreme Court hearings and pray while the court was deciding on cases. 
  • “We were sitting in these incredible moments in history. You felt this intense feeling of purpose. We would get up every morning and get strategy on how to pray.” One morning Lou Engle was sending a team to San Francisco, and she was chosen as the only worship leader to go with the team.
  • There was a three year period of Kristene’s life when she felt like she was being forgotten. She began to have panic attacks based on the fear that she was going to lose my mind.
  • “It was an incredible place in the waiting for God to show up and speak to me. Why did you give that grand piano to me? Why did you choose me? I was not looking at myself correctly.”
  • In the middle of her panic attack, her team decided to go worship downtown. She was the only worship leader. Holy Spirit told her, “I want to show you why I sent that piano to you.” 
  • They arrived at their destination and were sitting on a street between homosexual bars. There’s was church group yelling and street preaching. Three men with their faces painted white and dressed in nun outfits had declared themselves the authority over the entire district, and were surrounding them. They waved black shawls that with curses on them and threw glitter and condoms at them. As the yelling as screaming is going on Kristene hears the song “Amazing Grace” going through her head, and starts singing it softly. In that moment everyone gets silent, and someone says “How can you compete with that?” Everyone disperses and it was just them singing on the street corner. Holy Spirit said to Kristene, “That is what is on your life.”
  • “In the waiting period, we are hungry. We are hungry for God to say something, or to just show up. So everything meant something to me. Lou Engle taught me that nothing was a coincidence. He said he would rather be labeled a fool for thinking everything is God, than missing what God has said.”
  • The Next day Kristene was getting on a train, and passed by the corner where they had been the night before, and the entire corner looks like it gotten blown up because of construction work. God used that moment to tell her, “This is what happened in the Spirit that day. You were terrified but I wanted to show you what was actually on your life.”
  • “Doubts I had for my entire life were gone forever. In that period time where I thougtht I was stuck, lie after lie was sucked out of my body. God told me one day when i got up on stage that I carry belief with me, and doubt does not take the stage with me. I believe that was built between point A and point B. 
  • God said to Kristene, “I can’t have you doubting, so we are going to squeeze all that out in the waiting.”

Just Say “Yes”

  • “There’s something so beautiful when someone who has every reason to stop doesn’t. When they know who their God is above what they’re circumstances were or are. There’s something offending about that. In that waiting period there’s this place God brings us and he offends us.”
  • “You will find yourself in a place where you have every reason to say no and to quit, but God is asking you to go forward. He will use your life to accomplish incredible things.”
  • “I didn’t know I would be talking to you today or write songs that would change lives. All I knew was God told me not to quit, and I just said ‘Yes.’ I didn’t just say it with my mouth, I said it with my heart. Never lay down , never say no, just say, ‘Yes Lord.’”