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The Wonder of Worship

Dan McCollam

0:43:50 · Fundamentals

How signs, wonders, and miracles are incorporated in worship.

Miracles are quantifiable

  • Miracles are quantifiable.
  • “Healing is not what God does, Healer is who He is.”
  • “You waste a lot of prayer trying to convince God to be good.”

Signs point to something

  • Signs are used to emphasize something else.
  • Story: When a butterfly landed on his hand after he declared revival was coming to Russia.

Wonders are something designed to make you wonder

  • We can get in trouble when we try to explain a wonder.
  • Story: Feathers showing up in a board room at a church he was consulting with.
  • A lot of times people only try to embrace the miracles because they can’t explain the signs and wonders.

Why do we need wonder?

  • It is designed to get you out of your head and into your spirit.
  • The reverential awe of God is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Wonderful is one of His names.
  • Story: The revelation he got about what the throne room in heaven is really like.
  • “If you are bored for the Lord something is wrong.”

Whatever you see in Him gets unlocked in you

  • Story: When a woman died his church that came back to life.

Miracles signs and wonders come in a package.

  • Wonder is the foundation in worship.
  • “The best thing you can do when you don’t understand is worship.”
  • God’s solution to formality is wonder.
  • We have to get outside of what we know. 
  • “It’s not about signs and wonders, it’s about are you willing to be a wonder?”