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Why So Wild

Steffany Gretzinger

00:36:40 · Worship Leading

It’s not our right just to assume why someone worships the way they do.

Steffany Gretzinger

Why So Wild

Sometimes “being childlike” can be an excuse for not maturing into friendship with Jesus. Friendship looks different.

  1. We don’t always ask the question of wild worship - why is it that way? 

    1. It’s not our right just to assume why someone worships the way they do. 

    2. We need the Holy Spirit for discernment.

    3. Most of the time people who are being crazy for the wrong reasons aren’t doing it because they want to be. They are usually lost. They are acting out something. 

    4. Be compassionate Be Jesus to the people who are “weirding you out” with their worship. 

  2.  God is a lover and a father and friend. 

    1. His heart longs for connection. 

    2. He lets his heart succumb to the culture of the time because He loves us. He never wanted us to have a king, but the Israelites demanded it. He is not weak, but He is a lover. So he did it for them.

  3. . Steff shares some of her upbringing in a Nazarene church.

    1. She was taught to be a thinker but always was a feeler. 

    2. Her dad modeled a life of prayer and dependence. 

    3. She remembers the day she asked the Lord if He would show up for her, not just for her dad. 

    4. Only God fits in the “God Spot” If you put anyone else there you will be let down. 

  4.  The more you fall in love the crazier you tend to be. 

    1. The more you understand what you’ve been saved from. 

    2. When you cultivate a heart of thanks it all starts to pour out. 

    3. Thanksgiving is revival.


“When you understand His nature you won’t misunderstand his motives.” - Melissa Helser

“If you don’t have a response when someone really loves you, then you didn’t really receive it. Real love requires a response.” 

  1.  God is emotional.

    1. We’ve taught ourselves that emotions are bad, but we’ve shut ourselves down from how we were intended to function. 

    2. God is so incredibly emotional. No one is more emotional than God. 

    3. Emotions are a terrible leader but they are a great friend. They are a great indicator.

    4. We have to be careful about what we see, what we perceive, and what we judge.

F. We’re the clearest when we’re in worship.

  1. You lose your mind, and you come into His mind. You connect with the way He intended you to be. Sometimes when people go crazy that’s what you see.

  2. “He is spinning violently over me, then I’m gonna do it right back to Him” 

  3. “The face-to-face God - the one who is wildly in love with me.” 

G. Physical Worship

  1. Sometimes people go crazy in worship because something’s gotta break. It’s physical, no amount of talking is going to break that. 

  2. Dancing has benefits even in the natural, physical realm. Cardiac patients have had better improvements by dancing, than by bicycle or treadmill work. If your heart is broken, you need to dance. 

  3. Dancing bonds people.

  4. It activates people.

  5. It’s prophesy.

  6. It activates neurons.

  7. It has the same effect when you watch it as if you were doing the moves yourself. Sometimes Steff dances on the stage because she knows it’s for someone else.

  8. It’s intercession.

  9. The Lord told us to dance before him, right alongside singing. We have to get over ourselves and dance.

  10. When we dance before the Lord we release feelings and empathy over one another.