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Worship Leading
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Why Worship?

Cory Asbury

00:29:31 · Worship Leading

To understand worship truly we have to go back to the Garden and see what was happening there. Go back to God’s original intent for men and women. There were no worship services - it was walking together, loving one another, and walking and talking with God. There was no deep theology back then.

Cory Asbury

Why Worship?

  1. Worship is walking and talking with the Lord.

    1. What motivated Adam was encountered. “God calls me very good.”

    2. Worship is about experience and encounter. Worship isn’t about music, it’s about the position of the heart.

    3. Praise and worship are the same thing. It’s a posture of the heart. You tell me who I am and I look straight back at you and tell you who you are.

    4. A great theological idea will motivate you for a season but an encounter with God will change your heart and life.

    5. Worship is giving Him back what He first gave to us. Sing back to Him the song he first sang over us.

    6. Singing the word of God is powerful because it’s what He wants us to do.

    7. Command was given to Adam in Genesis: Tend the garden. I.e. Keep the place of encounter beautiful. That’s worship. The garden of our hearts should be beautiful to Him.

    8. Worship is an exchange of affection. It’s not a fast or a slow song. It’s not a formula.

  1.  It’s not that we love God, but that He first loved us. 

    1. We have never and could never earn or deserve the love of God. It’s His kindness that leads us to repentance. 

    2. We put ourselves in “time-out” when we do something wrong, but it’s not His meanness that leads us to repentance.

  2.  The Fall - we create ways to get back to God. 

    1. Sacrifice, killing animals, temples, systems, processes, rituals. But that’s not how God wanted it. He just calls us to be with Him. We think they are ways back to God but they are actually not. Jesus is the only way back to God. Without Jesus it’s just religion. 

    2. Religion is worship devoid of heart connection. God always wanted it simple. 

    3. How often are we doing stuff for God but His presence isn’t even there. It’s just about the heart. It’s all He ever wanted. 

    4. The story of Michal seeing David dancing and she despises him in her heart. Religion wants everything to be contained and reasonable. The woman who poured perfume over Jesus' feet exposed all the religious spirits in the room.

    5. Sacrifice is a step beyond convenience.

  3.  Two lies that attack us in our worship sets:

    1. That was too much - you just gave too much, it was too loud, you went too far

    2. That wasn’t enough - you didn’t bring your heart enough, it wasn’t enough for God.

  4.  We need to get rooted in the love of God - “you are very good”. 

    1. Get rooted in the smile of the Father. Feel His affection for you. 

    2. The quiet pride of a Father that says “you are very good”. 

    3. When you step up on the platform in that confidence nothing can touch you.