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Wife, Mom, and Leader with Q&A

Jenn Johnson

00:29:44 · Lifestyle

The more the kingdom comes the more it looks like family.

Jenn Johnson

Wife, Mom, Leader and Q & A

  1. The more the kingdom comes the more it looks like family. 

  2. We really want to go after family at Bethel.

  3. Jenn shares how she saw families falling by the wayside as people advanced in ministry. She knew it wasn’t supposed to be this way. 

  4. She has always known she was supposed to do family and work at the same time. But she has been diligent to always ask the Lord what her season is.

  5. Bill and Beni being a great example of family.

  6. Brian and Jenn take their kids around the world with them. Usually one at a time.

  7. Jenn knew right from the start that God still wanted her to be in ministry while being a mom. She has had to press into the Holy Spirit to find out how it was supposed to look.

  8. It’s not a balance, it’s a juggle. The Holy Spirit will teach you how.

B. Practical Tips:

  1. Jenn shares a painful season in her life when she wondered whether she could do it all.

  2. The kids at Bethel Christian School prophesied over her and spoke truth into her season. She felt the kindness of God recharge her there. 

  3. When God speaks to us it can change our lives. 

  4. Sometimes our season is not easy - it’s often really hard. But the kindness of God will meet you there.

Q: Marriage advice when it comes to leading with your spouse:

  1. Counseling and seeking help. Having people you reach out to speak into your lives. It will keep your marriage beautifully together.

  2. Learn to dance together - learn each other. It takes commitment and time. Learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

  3. Learning communication.

  4. Boat analogy - He’s at the helm. And sometimes it’s vice-versa.

  5. Learn to honor the point. Learn to check in with each other.

  6. Brian and Jenn argue the most about how to deal with and pastor people.

  7. Learn to fight fair.

  8. Learn when to let go, and learn how to let go and not be bitter about the decision.

  9. Honor each other.

  10. The best decisions come from the place of resistance and fleshing it out with others.

Q: What does rest look like?

  1. Jenn has burned out so many times. She is still learning. She doesn’t like to stop.

  2. Jenn shares about the Holy Spirit teaching her with river-rafting. We have to work - there is hard stuff that just has to be done. There’s also space for play. And then there’s a place for rest. Work, rest, and play. Many people have only two of these areas of life down. Rest and play are not the same things. Play is enjoyment and activity. Rest is often alone. Know when to stop. 

  3. Sometimes you have to learn to let things go.

Q: What’s the story behind “you’re gonna be ok”?

  1. Jenn shares the season of Brian’s breakdown. She would be really strong for him but then go and cry. 

  2. Lamentations and allowing herself to cry were really important for her in that season. “The worst is never the worst” Lamentations 3:3

  3. She was on her way home one evening and she started singing some things over herself and felt the spirit talking to her. She voice-noted it and crafted the song over a few more months.

Jenn closes in prayer for the students.