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Working Through Ambition

Lindy Conant

0:31:33 · Worship Leading

Lindy's history as a worship leader and her prayer to battle against self ambition

Lindy shares her story and history with worship leading at YWAM

The Presence of God

  • We were made to walk with Him and talk with Him. His Presence changes everything. 
  • The gift of worship: There is a type of connection that happens in worship that is unlike any other kind of connection. 
  • If we worship for any other reason outside of the worthiness of God, then we worship for the wrong reason. 

Lindy’s Prayers

  • “Jesus, teach me, lead me, and guide me in Your ways. Shine the light of Your face and hide me in Your hand.”
  • “Jesus, keep me humble, holy, and hidden.” The minute we start desiring a microphone, we’ve started moving away from ever really being satisfied. 

Selfish Ambition versus Godly Ambition

  • Maintaining this posture of heart will enable you to be unoffended when there is an open door but the open door is not for you. The enemy tries so hard to get worship leaders, singers, songwriters, and musicians to be bitter and offended because then you will spend years beating a dead horse… the dead horse of offense. 
  • Your godly ambition is huge but God loves you enough to put you in situations that will crush the selfish ambition that still lives inside of us. 

Repentance is Amazing! 

  • It enables us to get closer to Jesus!
  • It’s okay to have emotions, it’s not okay to let them rule us. The Element of Risk in Worship Leading
  • How do you know when it’s time to break out a prophetic song?
  • Ask the Lord, “Who are the people I’m leading? Show me who these people are.” 

Our Call as Worship Leaders

  • Leadership is always service. Jesus said, “I’ve come to serve and not be served.” Service is our joy! Service ushers in breakthrough. Service demolishes the fear of man and the need for the approval of man!
  • Know your identity: Know who you are and whose you are.
  • Memorize your Bible
  • Know who you are to Him: when we are so secure in our identity with the Father, we are able to empty ourselves out
  • Be yourself! There will be temptation to imitate what and who you connect with but God is raising up innovators not imitators! This is where courage comes in and comparison is dismantled. 
  • Sing to God in YOUR language, how you speak to God. Step out in courage. Courage is stepping out even when you’re afraid.
  • Pour it out like Mary of Bethany. She offended some people in the room. She wasn’t trying to offend them, that’s the difference between rebellion and love. She was just so in love with Jesus that she couldn’t keep it in, she had to pour it out.