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Worship Leading
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Worship Q&A with Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham

0:32:07 · Worship Leading

A time of questions and answers about worship leading with Phil Wickham

What has been your process and experience with your “Singalong” Albums.

  • Initially it came out of necessity due to budgets to not be able to bring a full band in the beginning stages of touring. But then something special kept happening on the road in those intimate moments. So they decided to make an album like that and it seemed to really connect.
  • The presence of the Lord is not limited to a form or a method.
  • God uses our simple offering.

What is your life like in the secret place?

  • It’s definitely a struggle to be consistent in this. Filling a quoting or checking off a list in this is religion. It took him a long time to figure that out. 
  • It just takes practice.
  • “Worship starts with a grateful heart.”

Have you ever struggled with anxiety or insecurity in worship leading?

  • Yes. 
  • God has given each of us as much power as all the leaders we look up to. It belongs to anyone who calls on the name of Jesus. 
  • Story: Tim Hughes

How are you able to overcome discouragement from leadership?

  • It depends on the situation. Leadership will call things out in you that may feel discouraging but it is actual a call to growth. But if it is actually harmful and not true you may need to pray about leaving the place you are at.
  • Live in grace and freedom that you have something to offer because Jesus put that inside of you. It’s a choice.

What kind of process do you go through before you lead worship?

  • Get your team on the same page. Step into your leadership role and cast vision. Prayer.