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Worship Leading
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Worship Set Preparation

Cory Asbury

0:29:15 · Worship Leading

Practical Points for Worship Leading

  • We are the priests and the prophets - we go before the Lord and we hear what He is saying.
  • We have it better than the priests and prophets of the old testament, because now that we’re in the New Testament, we have full access to God. 
  • “We’ll be surprised at how often He speaks at simple things.” He speaks to us in everyday life, all we have to do is ask. 
  • “We can’t rely on our own charisma and be lazy, we must depend on God.” It’s easy for worship leaders to go up on a stage and think that the outcome of the set is determined on their hype, but it’s not. 

Practical Points for Creating A Set 

  • Be sure to think about your team and cast vision to share with them. If you’re not giving them vision and ideas about what God’s speaking about the church or how He’s wanting to move and speak to people, it can end up hindering spiritual unity in the long run. 
  • When you give vision or a word of encouragement, the unity and relationship of the team grows and becomes so much stronger. 
  • Be honest about how the Lord is currently speaking to you (whether it’s a book, a quote, a song, a movie, etc) : it’s not about hype, but about honesty. What the Lord’s doing in you, He’s most likely doing in the people around you. 
  • Vision casting can stir up faith. 

Qualities of Good Leaders

  • Don’t be intimidated by other strong leaders or by their giftings or personality.
  • “Good leaders empower, they don’t squash.”
  • Strong leaders aren’t intimidated by other strong leaders. They aren’t intimidated by strong personalities, discussions or different ideas. In fact, they welcome new ideas to the table.
  • “Over assertion isn’t cool.” Over assertion can oftentimes relate to lack of knowledge of identity or worth. Being a strong leader does not look like having a strong personality, lots of intensity and being confrontational. 
  • Jesus is the perfect model of leadership. 
  • “Volume of voice does not equal volume of anointing”. 
  • There’s authority in the stillness. Jesus leads in tenderness. 
  • What does it look like to walk in humility, tenderness and patience. 

Practical Points for Leading Your Team 

  • Vulnerability is key. Vulnerability allows space for more vulnerability. It’s contagious. 
  • Vulnerability in a briefing moment is incredible, it’s creating a space to go to new places together as a team.
  • Overbearing leadership stems from insecurity and it shuts down the people around you.
  • Don’t lead with a controlling spirit, a manipulative spirit or with fear. When you lead like this, you tie the hands of everyone around you. Spirit of freedom says “step out in boldness.”
  • Failure is final when there’s a Father in the room. 
  • Is your team fully empowered to be who they’re created to be? 
  • Before going up for a set, are you grounding yourself in the Fathers love and His presence? Spend a moment with Him, to root yourself in Him. 
  • If you don’t root yourself in the Father, than you’ll oftentimes find yourself needing the affirmation and approval of the room. 

Bouncing back and tools to build confidence

  • Your measure of anointing is not measured by the response of the room. 
  • The Father is not intimidated by mess or bad decisions. Are you constantly aware of who the Lord says you are?
  • Everything (capacity, performance, ability, leadership capability) becomes a bi-product when you’re centered and rooted in your identity as a son/daughter. 
  • “Timidity is the assassin of the prophetic spirit.” When you’re concerned about criticism, details or how something may sound, it actually hinders you in sharing the Fathers heart. 
  • Give your team permission to lean into what they feel Holy Spirit is doing in a song or give them permission to lean into a spontaneous moment.
  • Communicate permission. Once you give permission, it’s a lot harder for timidity to stay.
  • “Preparation is not the opposite of the prophetic spirit.” Preparation is many times a launching pad and diving board for the prophetic spirit. 
  • A sound map, Nashville numbers system or hand signals is like the foundation of a building. Allow your team to be ready and prepared to anything. The building is the set list, the timing and the format.