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Steffany Gretzinger

01:11:47 · Songwriting

Don’t always write alone, find a community of artists.


Steffany Gretzinger

  1. Why I write…

    1. I feel called to be a scribe. To leave something behind for my children.

    2. I have an account of my story that nobody else can tell but me. 

    3. God had human hands take down His story. 

    4. There are verses all over the Bible where God tells his people to write.

  1. Why you write….

    1. We build alters when we write things down. 

    2. Words create worlds. 

    3. Media is telling a story, is that the one we want our kids to hear? 

    4. Writing is a responsibility, it’s not just for songwriters and authors. 

    5. Everyone has a story to tell that is worth writing about. 

  2. Books and people that have influenced me in writing…

    1. The bible (Just because you are reading self-help books doesn't mean you don’t have to read the Bible.)

    2. “Walking on Water” by Madeline L'Engle 

    3. Nicole Nordeman 

    4. “The War of Art” 

    5. Julia Cameron - “The Right to Write” and “The Artists Way”

  3. Good writers

    1. Don’t always write alone, find a community of artists.

    2. Read 

    3. Make time to write, you can’t just wait till you are inspired. 

      1. Morning Pages (write three pages first thing in the morning every day.)

      2. If it is a priority you will make time for it.

      3. It doesn’t always have to be inspired, it is about the practice. 

  4. There are things inside of you that need out

    1. You get toxic when you don’t let things out

    2. Anger, pain, joy, let it all out on the page. 

    3. We have to be honest before the Lord and our community. Tell the whole story. 

    4. There’s nothing too small, or unimportant to write down.

  5. Practical songwriting tools

    1. We find new language through partnership with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him, “How do I say this?”

    2. If it isn’t true to you don’t write it. If it doesn’t move you it won’t move anyone else. 

    3. Morning pages - the unedited process - get it all out to get to the better thing.

    4. Don't apologize or hate what comes out of you.

    5. Create a schedule for yourself. Treat writing like your job. 

    6. Let people critique your song. It doesn’t mean you have to change it. 

    7. In co-writing find someone you can trust that you will allow to speak into something. 

    8. Who are you writing for, what are you writing for?