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Writing in the Moment

Jeremy Riddle and Jenn Johnson

0:51:45 · Songwriting

Jeremy interviews Jenn about her experience with songwriting, and how to write out of a spontaneous moment. She talks about how she cowrites with Brian, makes time to write with a full schedule and family, and shares advice for singer/songwriters,

Writing from Revelation - Christa Black

What is the role of revelation in songwriting?

We must write songs from more than just experience.
  • Christa wrote her first song when she was 4 and then not until she was 24.
  • We need to write songs not about where we are, but where we want to go.
  • Writing from declaration creates space for people to believe for greater things.
  • Songs release a spirit.
There is no grey speech: you either release life or death.
  • A song can release a congregation into the same experience you had when you wrote it.
  • If you write from revelation, that revelation can come upon the listener.
  • We are going from glory to glory.
There is always fresh revelation to experience and release.
  • Songs become more well-known than the best sermons that exist.
  • You can write songs that release a world-wide corporate global body into an encounter.
  • There is a difference between writing as an artist or functioning as a worship writer.
  • As a worship-writer, the process of songwriting is different.
  • How do you write from fresh revelation not just discipline, gifting, or circumstance?
Revelation means:
  1. Surprising & previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
  2. The making known of something that was previously secret or unknown.
  3. There is no lack of melodies, ideas, or mysteries in the kingdom.
  4. It is the glory of kings to search a thing out (Proverbs 25:2).
  5. To you it has been given to know the secrets & mysteries (Matthew 13:11).
  6. You will be given more as you are faithful with what God has given you now.
Be present with where you are & what God has given you. Make it a part of who you are.
  • Don’t only focus on what is far off or where you want to be. Be faithful.
  • The mysteries of the kingdom have now been made manifest (Romans 16:25–27).
  • You are a steward of the mysteries of God (1 Corinthians 4:1).
  • Paul says he understands all mysteries and all knowledge (1 Corinthians 13:2–3).
  • Believe that you have the mind of Christ, even as you are learning & coming into that fullness.
  • Start living now like you would if you had the platform, the stadiums, the mind of Christ.
  • This is a heart issue, a spirit issue, not about logic or what seems reasonable in your mind.
  • Draw from your spiritual inheritance as you write.
A true Father is one that loves to raise up His children so that his ceiling is his children’s floor.
  • We get to stand on the shoulders of giants in the faith that came before us.
  • The more you give away, the more you will have in the kingdom.
  • Derive inspiration from stepping in the shoulders of spiritual giants.
  • If you have trouble believing that you can steward the mysteries of God, repent of that!

“I repent from believing the lie that I don’t have access to the mysteries of Your kingdom. The truth is, I’m in You, You’re in me, and You reveal everything to me.”

Repent: rethink things when they don’t agree with what God says or trigger lies. Renounce: the enemy’s ability to torment you in that way and have access to your life. Replace: with the truth. Feed on the truth until your mind and your actions change.

How do you cultivate revelation?

1. Intimacy, friendship with God.
  • We are no longer called servants, live from your identity as a son or daughter (John 15:15).
  • We are servants, but the greater truth is that we have become friends/family.
  • You’re a friend of God- how does a good friend like to spend time with you?
  • You have received a spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15).
  • If you mess up or make mistakes: run into His presence, jump back in.
  • When you let God love you, it affects your actions in the future and teaches you to abide always.
2. Hunger.
  • Ask, seek, knock (Matthew 7:7).

  • Don’t stop asking, like a child tugging their mother’s shirt.

  • Take all of the permission God has granted you in Scripture- take it for granted!

  • You can pull miracles into today that are meant for another day.

  • Mary does this in asking Jesus for a miracle at the wedding.

  • Mary’s faith pulled what even Jesus said was reserved for another day into that moment.

  • Words are powerful, what you declare with your mouth is powerful.

  • Your words over your congregation create space for new things to happen.

  • As worship leaders, be picky about the songs that you choose.

  • Don’t just choose a song that has always been done.

  • Stop asking for things God has said we can have.

  • Take promises in Scripture and turn them into declarations of what is happening.

  • Ex: “Let Your presence fall.” vs. “Your presence is here.”

  • Declare until it manifests!

  • The physical make-up of your body changes when you speak life-giving words or harsh words.

  • Put a guard over your mouth, speak life not death.

  • Holy Spirit convicted Christa as she sang a pop song once that declared fear.

  • You are 70% water, the world is 70% water.

  • Japanese scientist wrote a book The Hidden Message in Water.

  • He took pictures of water molecules changing as he spoke different things.

  • Water molecules made beautiful shapes when life-giving things were spoken.

  • Water molecules made sharp, jagged shapes when harsh things were spoken.

3. Position yourself in Christ.
  • Write from heaven’s perspective.
  • Live like you are in a habitation culture not a visitation culture.
  • Quit inviting God to come as if He is not here.
  • You are seated in heavenly places, learn how to write from the throne room not towards it.
  • Imagine on Sunday: you arrive knowing you are full, God is fully here, we live from overflow.
  • When you get together as a congregation, you overflow together.
  • Declare God’s promises back to Him.

What can you practically do to write from revelation?

1. Worship by yourself prophetically.
  • Enjoy the freedom to explore & experiment.
  • If you are a worship leader go stand where you will lead and worship- see it!
  • Keep track of what you sing spontaneously, many great songs come out of prophetic times.
  • Cultivating this heart relationship sets you up to be free in corporate worship.
2. Soak
  • Ruth Frizzell Instrumental album
  • Laura Woodley “Home” album
  • Alberto & Kimberly Rivera albums
  • Graham Cooke’s soaking sermon “Permission Granted”
3. Live! Read / Walk / Take Vacations
  • Art inspires art. Live your life as a songwriter.
  • Look for revelation and melodies in everything.
  • The Message Bible is great for songwriting ideas.
4. Journalling
  • A.J. Jones “Finding Father”
  • Write it out, be uncensored.
5. Sermons / Movies / Teachings
  • Take notes on sermons.
  • Your inspiration does not have to come from something spiritual.
6. Sit under people who are going after revelation.
  • Have them pray for you and impart to you.
  • If you hear a prophecy you want, take it!
  • You will write songs that will change people’s minds.
7. Study song structure.
  • Develop your musical craft, skills on your instrument.
  • Dissect the structure of songs you like.
  • Find a duo that works in a friend who also writes songs.
  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses.
  • If you write from revelation, you are releasing everyone who hears it into encounter like you had.
  • As a songwriter, you are the mouthpiece for the church.

Christa’s prayer for you: Thank you God that there is no lack with You. This will be a year where songs will come out of you that will change the world. You will go deeper in your friendship with God. Your songs will deliver an entire group of people.